Hi everyone,  Happy Valentine’s Dayjane

Well you know what they say about best laid plans and all that… yep, well, my plans for my blog post for today kinda went out the window when I realized it was Valentines Day this week!

Forget about Valentines Day you ask, shocked.  Yes, well, I did.  Tres bad for a romance writer I know.

Anyways…., given that it is the day of love tomorrow, I thought I would blabber on about romantic moments.  Apart from the moment my hubby of nearly 30 years asked me to marry him (this is after we met on a blind date 5 months earlier which in itself is pretty darn romantic), the two other most romantic moments also involved the same man.  And the very first was…yes, you guessed it, Valentines Day.  We’d been married about 7 months when this romantic day was fast looming.  I of course kept reminding him all week that it was coming, and what did I get when I woke up that morning, a lovely red rose on my pillow. He’d remembered.  How sweet.

And what did I get my beloved, after hinting all week – a big fat zero – yep I FORGOT!  But obviously he forgave me, since we’re now thirty years down the track.

The next nice romantic gesture was for my 30th birthday, and again I woke up to a gift on the pillow.  A beautiful garnet ring.

Nine years later – yep took a while – we’d actually been married for 13 years by that stage.  Well, I’d just got back from Russia, where we adopted our two children from, and the day after we got back, after an exhausted sleep … I awoke up to find on my pillow … yep I definitely think there’s a theme going on here…a ring… double whammy that theme.  This one had four sapphires.  But what I think was the most romantic thing of all of these moments, was what hubby said.  “There are four sapphires, one for each of us in our new family.”  So heartfelt!

I’d love for you to leave a comment below, let me know what your most romantic moment is.

And… to make it even more of a moment, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make sure you do leave that comment, because I’m going to pick a winner (well I’ll get hubby pick, and the lucky winner will receive a download copy of each of my books (pdf)  So as they say, you gotta be in to win, so make sure you leave that comment.

Author Elle Druskin talks about a character’s romantic moment…I did kind of like a scene in Animal Crackers. Hayley walked out on Jake only to realize he’s the best thing that ever happened to her so she grabs the bus back to New Jersey.  There he is sitting in the bleachers coaching a Little League baseball game, not too excited to see her back. He’s eating Cracker Jack and Hayley isn’t sure he’s forgiven her for walking out. He offers her the box and she starts eating only to find the prize – it turns out to be an engagement ring.

Lee Christine, one of Escape Publishing’s debut authors says about her romantic hubby…My husband organised a surprise weekend. Told me to pack on the Friday morning and we got in the car. I had no idea where we were going. He stopped at a little cafe on the way for morning tea. In the afternoon we arrived at Kims at Toowoon Bay on the NSW central coast. He’d booked their ‘deluxe’ tree house style apartment with small pool, hot tub and the works. We spent all weekend eating, drinking and …

And with that…. Wishing you a wonderful week and a very special Valentine’s Day!

Happy reading

Jane Beckenham

PS – adding one tiny excerpt – who wouldn’t want their very own Romeo for Valentine’s Day



“If you’re looking for a fast-paced story that sizzles and 

will tug at her your heart, Romeo For Hire will definitely  hit the spot.”    

Review – Long and Short Reviews 4 books



She had no one.

She was alone.

And she had lied.

What started as a joke had become Carly Mason’s living nightmare.

The words “Don’t forget!” were ingrained in gold on the glossy invitation, visible from wherever she stood in her office. It was as if they were chasing her, following her every move.

Don’t forget? “Fat chance.”

And now, as the day of departure for rest and relaxation in paradise grew nearer, the joke was on her.

Trying to bluff her way out of going had proved impossible. Her friends wouldn’t let her off the hook.

“Come on, Carly, four days on an exotic island, just us and our men.”

“Can’t wait to meet your man.”

“You mean the invisible man.”

Carly cringed, remembering their reference to the boyfriend she bragged about but never produced. Right now she wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

She picked up the invitation, fingers trailing over the embossed outline of a palm tree beside a blue lagoon. “I’ll be a laughingstock,” she moaned and tossed it toward the bin. She turned back to her desk, though the sight of piles of fabric, wallpaper samples and the unopened mail littering her desk didn’t improve her mood.

Barely visible beneath a stack of multi-colored chintz was a gilded frame holding a picture of her and her girlfriends—and their men.

Tania and Martin.

Maxine and Frederico.

She caressed the ornate frame, staring at the photo. Though surrounded by friends, she’d never felt so lonely. She may have been smiling in that photo, but deep down she knew the truth she’d carefully hidden, and now, every time she looked at the group, a sharp pain of something she couldn’t quite understand tugged at her heart.

Dropping the photo frame onto the overflowing desk, she returned her gaze to the mounting piles of work. She had no time for men. Besides, history told her they weren’t reliable.


D-Day however, was drawing near, and she still hadn’t produced the invisible man, described, unfortunately, in superlative detail after several glasses of Cabernet. Tall and devilishly good-looking, who of course worshiped the ground she walked on. Where on earth was she going to find such a specimen in less than seventy-two hours?

“Couldn’t make him a nerd, or a plain Harry, could you?” Carly eyed the invitation as if it was a summons from hell.

Her cheeks stung as she remembered the graphic details she’d spouted, and a wave of rampant desperation shook her normally serene composure. How could she have been so stupid? Perhaps she could sleep through it, say she’d caught some grisly plague and couldn’t go.

Own up.

Carly chose to ignore that piece of internal advice. There had to be a way out. She picked up the folder containing the job specifications for the hotel chain, but her mind wasn’t on the job. She couldn’t concentrate. Her mystery man got in the way—again.

Perhaps Adonis could get chicken pox, be deranged and in jail for murder. “Hell and…” She needed to work. Not think about men.

Perhaps then the problem will go away!

If only.



Jane Beckenham

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be in to win a download

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  • There has not been many Valenttine’s if at all but my one bf came home with a rose and that is important because of the occasional bad days. Like yesterday- two days beefore Valentine’s Day. THANKS Jan

    February 13, 2013
    • Jane Beckenham

      A red rose Janette is always love to receive.


      February 13, 2013
  • Hi Jane – wonderful blog. What a lovely romantic hubby you have. One of the most romantic things my husband ever did was when I sold my first book – he bought me a beautiful carriage clock (because he knows I don’t do jewellery) with an inscription below that said “Time Well Spent – congratulations on your first publication” It was just about the sweetest thing ever.
    Great post 🙂

    February 13, 2013
    • Jane Beckenham

      Helen your hubby sounds like he’s got the romantic gene too! Lucky girl.
      I think that the clock really was delightful knowing how much time is spent crafting our stories.


      February 13, 2013
  • Kaylyn D

    My hubby isn’t the most romantic person but I love him anyway. Lol. Ok first i have to tell you he is in the army. The day before his 2nd deployment he woke up with our 2 year old to let me sleep. I woke up to my daughter screaming I wanna wake up mommy. I went out to the living room and he was holding fresh donuts and coffee. He handed me the coffee and a donut. When I asked him why he said. Well we went to get you flowers and but they aren’t open yet so I decided hey its the thought that counts and brought these to make up for the no flowers. I thought it was very romantic.

    February 14, 2013
    • Jane Beckenham

      How sweet of him to do that. That’s pretty romantic to me. Anything time your guy does something out of the ordinary for you is romantic i reckon


      February 14, 2013
  • The Viking and I were friends all through school even though we never dated, We each married others. One divorce later, I remarred, but my second husband died. I’m living in UpstateNew York when one day I got a called from Elmer in Nevada. He’d just finished reading my “Jewels Of The Heart” :and enjoyed it except for one problem. In the second story of the saga I’d spelled the Swedish hero’s last name with a “sen” on the end–he said that was Nowegian and “son” was Swedish. Then he asked if I’d based this hero on anyone. I had to admit he was the only Swedish guy I’d ever known very well. We talked on, I discovered he was divorced and he discovered I was a widow. Then we found out that in June I was going to a wedding in Lower Michigan and he was going to a relative’s party on the same weekend near there. We agreed to meet. We did and when he said goodbye, he kissed me. First time he ever had. Well, that was the beginning of our eighteen years together as Life Partners. So it was a historical romance I’d written that brought us together–how’s that for romantic? At present we’re back in our hometown. He has Parkinson’s now, but I converted the house for handicapped and he’s home with me. We’re still happily together. The “other” Jane.

    February 14, 2013
    • Jane Beckenham

      oh Jane that is sooo romantic, rediscovering each other after all those years and ironic for a writer that an historical romance brought you two together, actually i can see a book in this!!

      The other Jane – downunder LOL

      February 14, 2013
  • My most romantic moment would have been the night of my engagement. My man asked me out to dinner, and took me to my favourite restaurant and on a weeknight no less. Yes, I immediately guessed what he was up to, particularly since he’d been around to see my Dad during the week (and wouldn’t tell me why.)

    It was so cute to watch him sweat it out over the course of the evening. He had nothing to worry about since there wasn’t a chance I’d turn him down, but I grinned all night and then as he drove us to the beach, he stopped at my favourite spot. Taking my hand he led me to the sand where the waves washed in, and then got down on one knee…

    Moonlight, a jittery voice, a shaky hand, but love glowing in his eyes.

    So cute. So romantic. He’s one of kind. Twenty years later, and four of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen, and still he takes me to that one special spot…as if no time has ever been.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book, Jane.


    February 17, 2013
    • Jane Beckenham

      Joanne, that sure is romantic and lovely that all these years later he’s still as romantic. Sounds like you’ve got a good one there!


      February 17, 2013
  • Jane Beckenham

    Thanks to everyone who came along to tell me about your romantic moments in your lives. Romance is definitely alive and well! Well… it’s Sunday evening here and i got my hubby to pick a number for the winner – it’s Jane Toombs! Jane i’m so thrilled, your romance story is a real heart stopper! For some reason i cannot find your email address – please email me at neiljane@ihug.co.nz and i will send those dowloads to you.

    Thanks again everyone
    Jane Beckenham

    February 17, 2013

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