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Here we are into March – which is really scary, I mean nearly a ¼  of the year over.  What I’m hoping to bring you over the next few weeks are authors from around the globe and highlighting their work.  Some will be in an interview form, or just an excerpt from their work, or an article they’ve written.  And now and again there’ll be book blurbs too.  I hope you enjoy!


Firstly, I’d like to welcome wonderful author, and friend, Shirley Wine.   Shirley has recently entered the world of Indie publishing, and had gone from strength to strength.  Here she gives us a little advice about Indie publishing.



Indie Publishing from Shirley Wine

Indie Publishing from Shirley Wine 

I decided to Indie publish after one too many rejections. Breaking through the glass ceiling of trad publishing is difficult and becoming more so.  The main advantage of Indie Publishing is the control an author has over cover art, book content and word length, but this control puts the onus on the author to ensure the quality of the work they publish. There is a lot of tacky work out there.

My experience has been positive, mostly. One thing you learn is to grow a thick skin. Reviewers on Amazon are blunt, often offensive and at times downright nasty.  If you let them, they’d quickly undermine your self-confidence.  Sales can be very hit and miss so you need to be realistic in your expectations.

The disadvantages are that you’ll probably never strike it rich. You have to do all your own promotion, but as all authors are now required  to do a good deal of promotion no matter which way they publish…Indie or traditional, it’s just part of the game. The other disadvantages are  piracy and BE AWARE OF RIP-OFF MERCHANTS who are ready and willing to rip off unwary authors.   DO YOUR RESEARCH before you part with any money.

Indie Publishing is daunting, but I there is a great support network of authors who’ve already trod the Indie path.  Kris Pearson recommended I join the IndieRomanceInk loop.  The members are helpful and knowledgeable. Through them I have made contact with and been recommended editors, formatters, cover artists and advice on all other technical matters. Joining this group (you need to request this) is the first step I’d recommend to any author contemplating self-publishing. Also link up with anyone you know personally, who is self-publishing. Be prepared to spend money on editors, cover art and formatters so your book is as perfect as you can get it.  If I could do one thing over again it would be to hire an editor sooner. And if you self-publish you need know the business side of writing and your tax liabilities.

If anyone wants more information they can contact me through my website  and I’ll email copies of the workshop notes I put together for our chapter meeting on self-publishing.



for feel-good Rural Romances
One Hour To Midnight 
Seven For A Secret 
Lovers’ Lies



Have you read…


Knowing the Ropes

Teresa Noelle Roberts



They’ve got the sex factor in spades. But can love survive the “ex” factor?

Selene has harbored submissive fantasies most of her life, but as a domestic abuse counselor, she’s leery of giving up that much control. Until she meets Nick, a dom who offers to show her the ins and outs of ropes, paddles, and floggers.

Selene’s common sense, taste for kink, and smoking sensuality is a dream Nick never dared to have. Except they’ve both agreed to a no-strings arrangement, not long-term domestic bliss. And when an ex needs their help, there may not be time to save their love from all the things they’re afraid to say.


Warning:  Sexy, kinky, geeky dominant guy. Smart submissive woman. Crazy ex. A little experimentation between girlfriends. And lots and lots of kinky sex.

Samhain:     Amazon US:    Barnes and Noble:    Kobo:

And last but not least, here’s a little read from me.


Romeo for Hireromeo

Jane Beckenham


“If you’re looking for a fast-paced story that sizzles and

will tug at her your heart, Romeo For Hire will definitely hit the spot.”

Review – Long and Short Reviews – 4 books




She had no one.

She was alone.

And she had lied.

What started as a joke had become Carly Mason’s living nightmare.

The words “Don’t forget!” were ingrained in gold on the glossy invitation, visible from wherever she stood in her office. It was as if they were chasing her, following her every move.

Don’t forget? “Fat chance.”

And now, as the day of departure for rest and relaxation in paradise grew nearer, the joke was on her.

Trying to bluff her way out of going had proved impossible. Her friends wouldn’t let her off the hook.

“Come on, Carly, four days on an exotic island, just us and our men.”

“Can’t wait to meet your man.”

“You mean the invisible man.”

Carly cringed, remembering their reference to the boyfriend she bragged about but never produced. Right now she wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

She picked up the invitation, fingers trailing over the embossed outline of a palm tree beside a blue lagoon. “I’ll be a laughingstock,” she moaned and tossed it toward the bin. She turned back to her desk, though the sight of piles of fabric, wallpaper samples and the unopened mail littering her desk didn’t improve her mood.

Barely visible beneath a stack of multi-colored chintz was a gilded frame holding a picture of her and her girlfriends—and their men.

Tania and Martin.

Maxine and Frederico.

She caressed the ornate frame, staring at the photo. Though surrounded by friends, she’d never felt so lonely. She may have been smiling in that photo, but deep down she knew the truth she’d carefully hidden, and now, every time she looked at the group, a sharp pain of something she couldn’t quite understand tugged at her heart.

Dropping the photo frame onto the overflowing desk, she returned her gaze to the mounting piles of work. She had no time for men. Besides, history told her they weren’t reliable.



Jane Beckenham


D-Day however, was drawing near, and she still hadn’t produced the invisible man, described, unfortunately, in superlative detail after several glasses of Cabernet. Tall and devilishly good-looking, who of course worshiped the ground she walked on. Where on earth was she going to find such a specimen in less than seventy-two hours?

“Couldn’t make him a nerd, or a plain Harry, could you?” Carly eyed the invitation as if it was a summons from hell.

Her cheeks stung as she remembered the graphic details she’d spouted, and a wave of rampant desperation shook her normally serene composure. How could she have been so stupid? Perhaps she could sleep through it, say she’d caught some grisly plague and couldn’t go.

Own up.

Carly chose to ignore that piece of internal advice. There had to be a way out. She picked up the folder containing the job specifications for the hotel chain, but her mind wasn’t on the job. She couldn’t concentrate. Her mystery man got in the way—again.

Perhaps Adonis could get chicken pox, be deranged and in jail for murder. “Hell and…” She needed to work. Not think about men.

Perhaps then the problem will go away!

If only.



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