So I’ve been  given this fab award:


The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the Blogosphere”.   Isnt’ that so lovely.

Here are the Sunshine Award rules:
1) Thank the person who presented you with the award and link them in your blog post.
2) Do the Q and A that comes with the award (see below).
3) Present the award to 10-12 other bloggers and link them to your blog.

So without further ado…

1          Gosh, I really need to first thank the lovely Eve Devon for passing this on to me.  The name Sunshine Award really just makes you want to smile.

2          Q and A:

Favourite Colour:   I have to say that without a doubt my favourite color is blue and pink would be a very close second.  Anyone who has been to my home will recognise my passion for all shades of blue.  I convinced my hubby just a few months ago to paint our family room, dining room and lounge in shades of blue.  I have blue furniture, blue glass/plates/ornaments.  But rest easy it’s not overkill

Pink of course is there too.  What can I say, I’m a girlie, girl.


Favourite Animal: Dog.  We adopted our dog a Jack Russell/Springer Spaniel (his mother was a good time gal) and I adore him.  Bingo was an abused puppy who was rescued and we took him in at age 5 months.  He’s a darling and when we’re away later this year I’m going to be soooo home sick for him.


 Favourite Number: Hmmm now this is something I really don’t know.  My dad’s lucky number was 4,and I guess since I was a daddy’s girl, that I’ll have to pick four.


Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Oh, I’m a diet coke nut.  I try not to be really, truly, but I reckon since I don’t drink tea or coffee (actually I don’t really drink hot drinks at all) that my thirst for DC is ok.  Isn’t it?


Facebook or Twitter:   Well I tried to be a twitter gal, but really I’ve gone back to FB – more interaction, more real to me.


My Passion:   Apart from my writing?  It would definitely have to be interior design, I’m bonkers for it.  Many years ago I trained as an interior designer, but.. well, writing got in the way.  I love reading about people’s homes (i.e. I have way too many magazines), love watching the home programmes on TV, and I’m looking forward to buying some different home magazines when I’m in the US in June and July.


Getting or receiving presents: I like giving gifts.  Except for men because I think they’re hard to buy for LOL.  I
Favourite Pattern: Um – Florals of all kinds I think.  Again I think it’s that girlie girl thing going on.

Favourite Day of the Week:  Monday – because it’s the start of something new. And everyone is gone to work and I have a QUIET house to myself


Favourite Flower: Definitely lavender.  Because I love the smell, and it’s meant to help you sleep and I’m a terrible sleeper.


3          And now I get to nominate:

Anne Ashby

Elle Druskin

Louisa George

Helen Lacey

Abbey MacInnis

Frances Housden

Ally Broadfield

Sara Hantz

Annie Seaton

Patricia Eimer


Thanks to Eve Devon for passing it on!

 Happy reading everyone

Jane Beckenham

Secrets and Seduction

Jane Beckenham

Samhain Publishing


He wants to hate her, but a little lust wouldn’t hurt…

The only emotion Leah Grainger can muster when thinking of her dead husband is relief. Until she learns his gambling debt threatens her beloved farm and the child she wanted to protect from the rootless existence she grew up with.

The last straw? Her husband’s brother demands a meeting. When she charges into his office to tell him she won’t let another Grainger screw up her life, the startlingly handsome, former oil rig wildcatter goes for the jugular. He’s claimed legal guardianship of her daughter, bought her mortgage…and he’s moving in.

The final email Mac received from his suicidal brother blamed Leah for everything. If it’s the last thing he does, he plans to protect his niece. Even if it means using his millions to gain the upper hand. And hardening his heart against the beautiful Leah’s protests of innocence.

Yet something seems off. Leah is nothing like the uncaring woman his brother described. She’s warm, loving…and when a new threat to her child surfaces and she reaches out to him in need, his body won’t let him say no. Even when her last secret forces him to make a decision that exposes his most closely guarded possession. His heart. 

Product Warnings

Contains tug-your-heart love, raise-the-roof lust, a marriage of convenience and hot sex that will give a whole new meaning to the word “wildcatter”.


Four Cup Review – Literary Nymphs




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  • Yay, I’m not the only one who likes Mondays! As a fellow recipient of the Sunshine Award, I applaud Mondays!

    April 11, 2013

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