The Calm Between Books

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Today Teresa Noelle Roberts visits us, talking about living her dream, and the life between books.  This for me is quite fascinating, as one of the things I’ve noticed along this writing journey is that when I particularly get horrendously busy with writing/editing/promoting etc, I crave housework.  I crave something where I don’t actually have to think.  I crave simple. Easy.  I thought this craving for order and a concise life would disappear, that it was a freak thing at one stage of a particular book, but no, it rears its head (ugly head??) with each book.  So I have figured it’s all about balance, taking it in my stride and turning on the answerphone when I want to take a nana nap (and no I’m not a nana yet!)

Today, I have finished this round of edits…so I’m kinda in the calm between the next round LOL.  Now… housework, or a snooze?

Big decision.

Welcome to Teresa Noelle Robberts.


The Calm Between Books

As a writer, I find the position I’m in now a curious and delightful one: I’m actually spending much of my time writing, as in putting together new words.

If you’re a reader, not a writer, this statement may not make a lot of sense. What else do writers do?

But if you are a writer, you may understand. My latest book, Knowing the Ropes, came out in February. After I wrote the book—and while I was working on the next one—came rounds of edits. I have a wonderful and wise editor and a meticulous line editor, so it was several rounds. Then came sending out review copies, setting up a blog tour, and figuring out other forms of promo. The promo storm, of course, continues after the book is released.

Then just when things were starting to settle down, I got the proofs for the forthcoming print edition, and oh, could I pull together some reviews to include?

Of course I could, and did, and I was thrilled by the chance to do so. I’m not complaining for a second about being a published author. It was my dream even as a small child, and I still end up pinching myself that I not only get to write books and stories, but I get paid to do so. My imaginary friends help me pay my bills, just like I always hoped from the time I realized that books didn’t appear magically out of the air: other people created them.

But my little-girl self never imagined all the business aspects of being an author, and while my adult self accepts them and even enjoys them (I’ve been reviewing cover proofs for a forthcoming book and that’s just plain fun), my inner child just wants to write stories.

Which is why I’m enjoying this brief time when Knowing the Ropes has been released into the wild, needing only occasional attention from me, and when the edits for my next release, Cougar’s Courage (Duals and Donovans: The Different, Book 3, due out in October from Samhain), haven’t arrived yet.

Of course, I’ll probably post this and those edits will be in my in-box the next morning, so I’d better get cranking out some new words while the writing is good.

Knowing the Ropes:KnowingTheRopes_v1


Blurb: Selene’s had submissive fantasies most of her life, but as a domestic abuse counselor, she’s leery of giving up control. Until she meets Nick, a dom who offers to show her the ins and outs of ropes, paddles, and floggers.

Selene’s common sense, kinkiness, and smoking sensuality is Nick’s dream. Except they’ve agreed to a no-strings arrangement, not romance. When an ex needs their help, can they save their love from all the things they’re afraid to say?

Warning:  Sexy, kinky, geeky dominant guy. Smart submissive woman. Crazy ex. A little experimentation between girlfriends. And lots and lots of kinky sex.


A tease of an excerpt:

Selene stretched out her bare foot, brushed it against his calf. Hard muscle under soft denim. Nice.

Yeah, Nick might just have something to do with the euphoria.

He took the hand that wasn’t holding her beer.

No, he didn’t exactly take her hand. He covered her hand with his and closed his fingers around her wrist. Then he looked into her eyes.

A slow, sensual smile opened on his face as he said, “That’s better. Isn’t it?”

It wasn’t really a question, but he was giving her an out if she wanted it.

She didn’t. That firm grip on her wrist hinted at so many things she’d dreamed of. “Oh yes,” she breathed. “Better.” She dropped her voice a notch. “And wetter.”

It may have been purely coincidence that the woman sitting behind her giggled at that second, but Selene was sure she’d overhead.

Heat flared in Selene’s cheeks and, to her surprise, between her legs. She squirmed in her seat, less from actual embarrassment than to enjoy the pressure the movement put on her swollen lips.

Under the cover of the first round of food arriving, Nick leaned forward. “So, you enjoy a little bit of public embarrassment? I’ll file that away for later.”

“You’re so confident that there’ll be a later?”

“What do you think?” He ran one fingernail down the tender inside of her forearm.

His nails weren’t sharp, but she still shivered.


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Happy reading everyone

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Scorching sex: definitely on the menu. Hold the love, please…

Workaholic Carly Mason is caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock: an invitation for four days of sun and sand with her friends and their men. The hard place: “Mr. Invisible”, who lusts after her with delicious abandon, doesn’t exist—Carly invented him to keep her friends off her back about her lack of a love life.

Then she encounters a motorbike-riding Adonis whose image taunts her during the wee small hours. When fate drops him in her sights the next day, she grabs the opportunity to offer him a job. Pretend to be her Romeo, just for the duration of her getaway.

Exhausted from months negotiating his multi-million-dollar company’s expansion, Marco Valente is more than tempted by Carly’s outrageous proposal. If nothing else, it’ll give him a temporary escape from his high-profile life—and his mother’s serial-bride attitude.

Once on the island, Carly realizes her well-meaning friends have tricked her into a “relaxing” vacation. For the next four days and nights, it’s just her and her hired Romeo. And a growing connection that definitely wasn’t part of the contract…

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