A Traitor’s Heart

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What price infamy, in a duel between treason and love?

The price of success is treason. Catriona Fraser could ill afford a liaison with Lord Nicholas Burford, her position is too precarious. Should she fail it would forfeit her brother’s life. There can be only one winner, but success may prove a failure when tangled with lies and deception and the fear of loving.

Mixing the life of the slums and the world of London’s rich, A Traitor’s Heart is a test for two socially different worlds, and whether love can survive.

Book Excerpt

You didn’t repel my kisses, Catriona.”

“You took me by surprise, that’s all.”

“And you returned them.”

Cat wished he wouldn’t smile, because each time she found herself focusing on his beautiful mouth, and remembering just like he said she did. Blast the man.

“Or are you going to deny that too, Countess?”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Why? Are you not Lady Catriona Fraser, the Countess of Holesworth?”

Cat’s fists clenched and unclenched as she waged an internal battle to batten down her rising temper. She sidestepped Nicholas’ question. “You say it as if you hold me in contempt, m’Lord.”

“Oh, my dear, Countess. Never contempt. Awe, perhaps. Desire, absolutely.”

Mother Mary, she prayed. Her soul needed saving. And she needed to retreat from temptation as fast as possible. “I should be going,” she said trying to act…normal.

“Later?”  His sensual tone hinted at exactly what he meant without saying the words.

Cat squeezed her eyes closed for a moment, head shaking.  “Nicholas, I can’t.”

“You can. We can.” And his mouth covered hers. So sweet and enticing, a temptation she had no hope of resisting, or desire to.  It took her on a journey she had thought impossible. 

“I knew,” he whispered against her cheek.


“That you would taste this way. I remember your taste, Catriona.”

Oh, dear Lord.  She remembered that too. His taste.  Delicious.  Exciting.  It was almost as if her stomach curled with a wanting need burgeoning with the passing seconds.

Then he kissed her, again and again, dotting whispery kisses across her eyelids, her cheeks, and finally her mouth. Again.

“Sweet and delicious,” he murmured.

Her thoughts exactly. “I want more.” Oh, my goodness, had she said that? Cat couldn’t be certain what she’d said, or thought. Her brain seemed to be acting of its own accord. Nothing mattered…except the taste of his mouth on hers.

His hands slid beneath her jacket, unfastening the few wooden buttons of her borrowed shirt. She sighed deeply.

“You, ma chérie, are irresistible.”

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