Secrets & Seduction

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He wants to hate her, but a little lust wouldn’t hurt…

The only emotion Leah Grainger can muster when thinking of her dead husband is relief. Until she learns his gambling debt threatens her beloved farm and the child she wanted to protect from the rootless existence she grew up with.

The last straw? Her husband’s brother demands a meeting. When she charges into his office to tell him she won’t let another Grainger screw up her life, the startlingly handsome, former oil rig wildcatter goes for the jugular. He’s claimed legal guardianship of her daughter, bought her mortgage…and he’s moving in.

The final email Mac received from his suicidal brother blamed Leah for everything. If it’s the last thing he does, he plans to protect his niece. Even if it means using his millions to gain the upper hand. And hardening his heart against the beautiful Leah’s protests of innocence.

Yet something seems off. Leah is nothing like the uncaring woman his brother described. She’s warm, loving…and when a new threat to her child surfaces and she reaches out to him in need, his body won’t let him say no. Even when her last secret forces him to make a decision that exposes his most closely guarded possession. His heart.

Product Warnings

Contains tug-your-heart love, raise-the-roof lust, a marriage of convenience and hot sex that will give a whole new meaning to the word “wildcatter”.

 Review by Amazon Nymph

“The chemistry between Mac and Leah will scorch the pages so keep fans or ice handy. Neither is sure where things will take them because of so much distrust between them. Leah thinks Mac is like her late husband, but Mac starts getting confused because Leah isn’t acting at all like he was told. A very real life situation comes to a head between them and you are left wondering how it is going to get resolved. Leah’s love for her daughter will tug at your heart. I could relate to Leah so much when she was interacting with her and you could see Mac start to soften, because of Charlee. I think the author did resolve the situation between Mac and Leah credibly. All in all, this should get a place on the bookshelf”- Literary Nymphs

Book Excerpt

In the distance, the muffled wail of a fire engine echoed, and Leah’s heart skipped a beat, her body stiffening. She wanted desperately to block the sound out, but it drowned everything, even the roar of her heart, until all she could hear was the wail of the siren, screeching, warning, bleeding her dry.

“Leah? Leah?”

A voice clawed at her subconscious, a strong, confident voice, and a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes sprang open.

Mac! He was here. Holding her safe.

“It’s okay.” He ran a hand the length of her back, murmuring soothing words in her ear.

“No, it isn’t.” She pulled away, shaking her head. “It will never be okay again. I heard a fire engine. There’s another fire.”

With his free hand, he tilted her face up so that she looked at him. “Sweetheart, there’s no fire here.”

The heat of Mac’s touch burned through her robe, stealing across her flesh. Dark eyes stormy with desire held hers in an unspoken embrace. Unthinkingly, she brushed the tip of her tongue across her lips.

He clasped her face between his hands, the flat pad of one thumb brushing across her mouth. Her lips parted. She wanted to taste him.

“If you do that again, I’ll have to kiss you,” he growled out.

“Is that a warning?”

“A promise. But then again,” he murmured, “I really don’t want an excuse not to.”

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