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Long time since I sent out a blog post, but I just have to let you know about wonderful writer Yvonne Walus…
Kiwi writer, Yvonne Walus, was delighted to score second prize in the recent Sophie King short story is all u need
¬†“I’ve loved Sophie King’s books ever since reading The School Run,” Yvonne said. “As a fellow mother, I can definitely relate to the themes in that novel! So when I saw the short story competition, I was excited by the prospect of entering, but imagine my delight when my story was the runner-up!”
The story is one special to Yvonne’s heart, too. “The theme of High On Life is that of rebuilding: rebuilding a city after an earthquake, but also rebuilding one’s life. In a way, when you start by clearing away the rubble, it gives you a unique chance to start something completely new: to redesign, re-plan and re-do. That’s what the characters do in my story. The fact that they are able to do with using art is a wonderful bonus.”
High On Life is published along with other competition finalists in an anthology called Love Is All You Need.
Love is All You Need:¬†Meet 10 women, from different places, backgrounds and times, and each with a different experience of men and romance. Their stories in turn hold the promise of romance, reflect on finding love, or show the lengths we’ll go to for the special person in our lives. An anthology of stories which are funny, thought-provoking, and thrilling, with characters you’ll empathise with as they discover that … Love is All You Need.

For a great read do check it out.
Happy reading
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