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Hi, welcome to my world of romance writing. I’m Jane Beckenham, a writer ‘down-under’ in New Zealand, a beautiful land also known as Aotearoa. I hope you’ll stay and browse a while. Please use the navigation buttons to your left or to explore.


Am delighted to announce that Recipe for Love has been released


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Popping out of party cakes isn’t Candy Jones’ passion, baking exotic cakes is.  But when she mistakenly pops out of the cake at the wrong party Tanner Coleridge isn’t a happy guy.  With a reality T.V. contract to fulfill, and the producers wanting to use publicity-shy Tanner Coleridge as her ‘love’ interest it isn’t going to be easy.


Ex pro league baseball player Tanner Coleridge abhors publicity, he had enough when his wife left him for his best friend, but somehow without him realizing it he’s been dragged into reality TV by Candy Jones.  One part of him wants to run for the hills…the other, well that wants a whole lot more of Ms Candy Cake Maker.


But wait, there’s more….

Desperately Seeking Santa


To Kiss an Angel

Both are coming soon from

From Books We Love





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